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Granny flat designers that wish to satisfy the client's needs.

We care about your needs and try hard to provide solutions to accommodate as many spaces as possible in a 60 square meter building.

GAP Designers Pty Ltd have been able to offer a wide range of schemes and solutions to suit tight sites in Sydney and the Central Coast NSW Region.

Angular or rectangular shaped floor plans are available to fit most sites and are always situated in a position 2 - 3 meters clear from an existing home or Garage structure to comply with strict Fire regulations and BCA rules.

Setback requirements and height restrictions vary to suit Private Certifiers Complying Certificate approvals or Council Development applications depending on the complexity of the situation.

Usually 3m setback from the rear is required and 900mm - 1200 mm from the sides with a generous amount of outdoor space separate from the existing homes own courtyard or backyard garden.

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