CDC  vs DA

Complying Development Certificate Approval

You can have a 2 bedroom Granny Flat built in your backyard, with no council approval,

without neighbours objecting and approved in just 10 -15 days?

In 2009, the NSW Government released the Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) which permits all residential home-owners with a property larger then 450m2 (which also has a minimum 12m street frontage) to build a Granny Flat on their property.

The NSW Affordable Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) was introduced in 2009 allowing Granny Flats in NSW to be approved as a complying development in just 10 – 15 days. This legislation means that residential home owners do not require Granny Flat approvals on their property subject to some minimum requirements.

The minimum site requirements for a Granny Flat approval as a complying development include:

  • Property must be a minimum 450m2 in area

  • Property must be zoned residential

  • Property must have a 12 metre width at the building line of the proposed detached granny flat. If your property does not meet this requirement you could apply for an attached granny flat.

  • Maintain a 3.0m setback from the rear and 0.9m from side boundaries

  • Maintain a distance of 3.0m from any existing trees that are over 4m in height

  • Maximum 60m2 external area for your granny flat

Development Application Approval

When CDC cannot be approved via a Private  Certifier or Council we need to consult the DCP for the new Central Coast Council and design the building accordingly.

Apart from the formal floor plans & elevations,

- added details & documentation will be provided including

Statement of Environmental Effects, Site Analysis, Soil & Waste Management etc.

Council Approval process : 5-8 weeks depending on site requirements.